Opening up administrations to digital skills to solve public challenges in 10 months

In 2016, the Presidency of the French Republic announced the creation of the Public Interest Entrepreneurs program - Entrepreneurs d'Intérêt Général or EIG in French. It is based on the observation that administrations want to carry out ambitious digital transformation projects but do not have the advanced skills required in-house for this purpose.

The program's principle: allow people with exceptional digital skills to join administrations for 10 months to meet the challenges of improving public services using digital technology and data.

For this purpose, each year, the program recruits a cohort of public interest entrepreneurs. Data scientists, designers and developers join administrations in multidisciplinary teams of 2 or 3 to take up challenges in various fields: access to justice, integration of refugees, fight against fraud, etc.

53 challenges coached
40 administrations helped
88 EIG recruited
78 public servants onboarded

How is a public interest entrepreneurs cohort established?

La frise du programme EIG indique les 4 étapes du programme : la sélection des défis, la sélection des candidats, l'accompagnement des défis et les itérations sur le programme

1. A cohort is established on the basis of challenges. They are selected through a call for projects in accordance with criteria of impact on the professions of administrations and citizens, technical innovation and openness to new working methods. Find out more on the "challenges" page.

2. As an essential component of a cohort, public interest entrepreneurs are then selected through a call for applications. Mentors for each challenge participate in the selection panel to make sure they find the perfect fit. To discover the recruited profiles, visit the "community" page.

3. The cohort can then begin, punctuated by coaching sessions, peer-to-peer learning sessions and diverse events. To learn more about the coaching of cohorts, go to the "coaching provision" page.

4. The program proceeds on the basis of feedback. This learning posture allows the adjusting of the coaching provision and ensures success for the challenges. To find out more about the program's iterations, visit the "blog" page".

The program is backed by Etalab.

Illustration of the memo prensenting the program in English

Public Interest Entrepreneurs in English

  • In this memo, you will find an explanation as to why our program was built and how it carries out its mission.

Learn more about the program, in English

Program presentation booklet

  • This booklet presents at the same time the program, the third cohort and the achievements of cohorts 1 and 2.

Download the presentation booklet, in French
Couverture du livret de présentation
Illustration of the program analysis report

Program analysis report

  • To measure the program's impact, we undertook a study, the conclusions of which are presented in this analysis report.

Discover the analysis report, in French

The achievements of the third cohort

  • Third cohort feedback booklet, presenting the program and the main achievements of the 15 challenges.

Discover the achievements of the third cohort, in French
Couverture du livret de restitution
Couverture du livret de restitution

The achievements of the second cohort

  • Second cohort feedback booklet, presenting the program and the main achievements of the 13 challenges.

Discover the achievements of the second cohort, in French